The Lord’s Commandments are “Spirit and Life”

The Lord’s Commandments are “Spirit and Life”

“The Lord’s commandments are ‘Spirit and life’ [Jn. 6:63]. They save the doer of them. They restore a bead soul to life. They make a carnal and worldly person spiritual. On the other hand, a person who neglects the commandments ruins himself and remains in a carnal and worldly state, in a fallen condition, and develops the fall in himself. But the natural man (i.e., sensual man) does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him‘[I Cor. 2:14]. And therefore it is indispensable for salvation to be changed from a sensual man into a spiritual, from the old man into the new. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God [I Cor. 15:50].”

from The Arena: Guidelines for Spiritual and Monastic Life, by St. Ignatius Brianchaninov

Edifying Reading for Instruction on Fasting

Wednesdays During Lent

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We are especially focusing on  PART 1  of the book, including the first 50 chapters, which are mostly brief in length. Copies of St. Ignatius’ classic Christian are available from our parish bookstore, or can be purchased or obtained through the following links:



Orthodoxy 101 Classes

Saturdays @ 4:00pm

The Lenten schedule for  “Orthodoxy 101 Classes”  has now been posted on our parish website calendar. Many of us have been raised in
the faith, or converted after some level of formal study of Orthodox faith and practices. I am especially encouraging those who have never delved into formal instruction on these topics to consider setting aside some time in order to attend. I am also inviting those who have had a fuller examination of our faith, since we treasure the teachings of the church and desire the building up of our faith.

These classes are designed to cover essential Orthodox truths by way of short lectures, Q & A, as well as recommendations for further reading. This is also an opportunity for inquirers and catechumans to deepen their exposure to the faith, and is a requirement for those desiring to be received into the Church. Classes will take place Saturdays one hour before Vespers, and will cover the following topics in order:

  • Feb 21  –  The Church and Mary
  • Feb 28  –  The Mystery of Baptism and Chrismation
  • Mar 14  –  The Mystery of Holy Eucharist
  • Mar 21  –  The Mystery of Holy Confession
  • Mar 28  –  The Mystery of the Priesthood
  • Apr 4     –  The Mystery of Marriage

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Stories Matter

David vs. Goliath: wholesome romance ‘Old Fashioned’ goes head-to-head with “50 Shades” with Valentine’s release

Stories matter. It’s not just entertainment; it’s how a culture passes along its values to the next generation. In fact, it has been said you can tell a lot about a culture by whom and what it lifts up, spends its time and money on, and celebrates. Who is it that we want to be as a people? What is it that we really long for in our own hearts when it comes to romance? For our sons and daughters? What kind of legacy do we want to leave for those who follow? These things are not set in stone. We have a hand in crafting the world and what it looks like.

What we Watch Matters

Our Fr. Thomas Zain Regarding Plight of Middle Eastern Christians

Archpriest Thomas Zain, Vicar General of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese and Dean of St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral of Brooklyn, NY, was interviewed by Jeanine Pirro of Fox News recently, about the plight of Christians in the Middle East. The interview was part of an ongoing series, “Christians Under Attack: A Justice Investigation.” Noted Fr. Thomas, “Extremism is affecting all of the minorities in Syria, not just Christians.”

Your Continued Prayers . . .