The Lord’s Commandments are “Spirit and Life”

The Lord’s Commandments are “Spirit and Life” “The Lord’s commandments are ‘Spirit and life’ [Jn. 6:63]. They save the doer of them. They restore a bead soul to life. They make a carnal and worldly person spiritual. On the other hand, a person who neglects the commandments ruins himself and remains in a carnal and … More The Lord’s Commandments are “Spirit and Life”

Psalter as Prayer

The Gigantic, Blessed Work of Christian Mothering “Babies need not to be taught a trade, but to be introduced to a world. To put the matter shortly, woman is generally shut up in a house with a human being at the time when he asks all the questions that there are, and some that there … More Psalter as Prayer

The Summit of Wisdom

The Summit of Wisdom 85.   … Let us go to the master principle which keeps everything under control. To what do I allude? I mean wisdom. Here great labor is needed to render him [your son] sagacious and to banish all folly. This is the great and wondrous function of philosophy, that he may know … More The Summit of Wisdom

The Virtues of the Peasant

The Virtues of the Peasant 5. Someone said to blessed Arsenius, ‘How is it that we, with all our education and our wide knowledge get nowhere, while these Egyptian peasants acquire so many virtues?’ Abba Arsenius said to him, ‘We indeed get nothing from our secular education, but these Egyptian peasants acquire the virtues by … More The Virtues of the Peasant